About Peeled Finance

Backed by Enterprise Ireland, Peeled Finance is an Irish FinTech company that’s shaking up the car finance market. Taking advantage of open banking regulations (PSD2) and new technology, Peeled is replacing paperwork, phone calls and branch visits with a simple, mobile-first, end-to-end car finance journey. Car buyers can now search for a car and arrange finance at the same time, before even visiting the dealership, making arranging car finance quicker, easier and more transparent.

How Peeled Finance works

We keep it simple. Remember, this is car finance peeled! – 100% online, no mumbo jumbo and our best rate. All you do is explore it, peel it and drive it.

explore it

Let’s get a finance deal that suits you. Don’t worry if you haven’t found your new car yet, we can still get you started. We want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on a quality car so when you have a car in mind, enter a reg and we’ll run a history check, and give you an estimate of its value.

peel it

Ok, next it’s time to spend a few minutes organising your car finance. We can sort it all out online for you, at anytime, from anywhere. You can come back and change the car or figures to get the right car finance deal for you. It’ll feel great to know that before you get to the dealership, your car finance is sorted.

drive it

We do everything online – including paying the dealer, so no bank drafts, no cheques, and most importantly, no more waiting around! You’re good to drive away in your new car.

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